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HEY KORRA FANDOM, LISTEN UP! Not sure if you all have heard, but the lovely people over at Pixeldrip Gallery  currently have a special Legend of Korra inspired art show and documentary in the works. "I'm the Art Show, Deal With It!" will feature over 100 artists  from around the world and will be a celebration of our fandom's creativity, talent, and community. The only problem is their kickstarter  program, which will help fund the project, is sorely lacking support.  This is where I attempt to rally the fandom to a common, righteous cause.

So why should you care, and why do I want to make this a success?

Dear fandom, the saintly folks at Pixeldrip are crusading the cause of legitimizing fanart. These people want to put our fandom's collective talents into a physical space, making them tangible, recognized, and real. Do you grasp the implications and importance of this concept? Fanworks are usually burdened with the ugly mark of stigmatism to the general populace. This wonderful fandom has too many amazingly talented individuals to NOT be recognized and rewarded. Pixeldrip is working very hard to see that this negative association is eradicated so that we are taken seriously as part of the artistic community.

Speaking of artistic community, this endeavor also supports the countless brilliant creative minds you love and lovingly stalk on places like Tumblr and DeviantArt. Many of these people, including myself, are aspiring artists. We crave to create as a career. The only way we can do that is with backing from the likes of the loyal. For some of us, this will be our first legitimate art show experience, paving the way for a solid foundation. Tell me, what better first experience to have than this one? Be a pal and pop our cherries, will you?

Ultimately, this is about taking pride in the community and creativity of the fandom. It's about becoming a beast far bigger and better than we could possibly imagine; but it cannot be a solitary effort. This is the part where we come together and show everybody how kickass the Korra fandom is. We can devotedly carve our very own names into the bricks that build the fandom's history with our art show and documentary; something infinitely special that is uniquely for us.  

So spread the word, reblog, and donate to the kickstarter cause. Pixeldrip's last exhibition effort was extremely impressive and an extravagant success. Let us make our own fandom experience just as prosperous. We need SOMETHING to occupy ourselves with waiting for book 2, don't we?
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Marissa Meza
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Born and raised in Glendale, Arizona, the seed of an artist was planted at an early age when drawing every day became a passion fueled by the dream of one day becoming an animator. This passion continued to grow into high school, where I had taken my four years of art classes and was involved in the school’s art club. Fast forward to college, and I had graduated in May 2010 with my associate’s degree in art. Wanting to try my hand at graphic design, I returned to college with the eagerness to study yet again. Now a year into the program, I find that I am discovering and improving more than ever before. The artist grows with the journey, and I am looking forward to being a life-long learner.

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